UN@BFDK Let’s Perform Responsibilities

Like a magnifying glass, the pandemic has brought the working structures in the performing arts into focus. On the one hand, the fragile working relationships between artists, organisations and institutions have become more visible. A topic that has been the subject of much discussion since the ensemble network was founded. On the other hand, triggered by the #Metoo debate, codes and agreements have emerged that reflect power and redefine and define the values and goals of collaboration. In addition, performing arts institutions in particular also stand for the courageous experimentation of new, power-critical leadership styles and for equal collective work.

What does taking responsibility mean in the working context of the performing arts? How can basic values such as respect, appreciation, sustainability, transparency and diversity be implemented in everyday working life? Which guidelines provide orientation and security?

Let’s perform Responsibility addresses these questions and presents initiatives, working approaches and positions for responsible and trusting cooperation in the performing arts.

With input from:
AG Zugänge und Transformation des BFDK
Christina Barandun
Fatima Çalışkan und Lisa Scheibner, Fairstage Berlin
Guy Dermosessian
Ulrich Khuon
Ulrike Kuner
Carl Philip von Maldeghem
Moderation: Claudia Schmitz; Geschäftsführung Deutscher Bühnenverein e.V., Helge-Björn Meyer, Geschäftsführung Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste e.V..

Registration until 01.09.22 via Eventbrite under this link.
Access data will be sent out shortly before the event.

The programme is subject to change. The event will be held in German spoken language. No sign language interpretation will be provided.

More info: https://darstellende-kuenste.de/aktuelles/jetzt-anmelden-fuer-lets-perform-responsbility

The event is finished.


Sep 05 2022


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM