UN Action Day: Hannover

– Critical BIPoC perspectives in Arts and Culture –

Register through this link until Thursday, 23 March (11:59 pm)!

On March 25, 2023 the federal network United Networks warmly invites you to the first UN Action Day in “Unter einem Dach gUG”. At this event, there will be space to network, exchange, and develop ideas, but also to un-learn ideas to make room for innovation! 

From 10:00-13:30, the program offers a space for BIPoC, (post-)migrant, and Jewish perspectives* and serves BIPoC- and Jewish-positioned artists from Hannover, Lower Saxony, and beyond for networking. From 13:30 onwards, everyone is invited to come and join the UNacademies. Let’s plan and think up new ideas for a discrimination-sensitive and equitable cultural landscape together!

We acknowledge that we are all in processes of negotiating solidarity between communities and intersectional practices as a society. As United Networks, we are in an ongoing process of creating safer spaces for all marginalized positions. At each of the events, we set a specific focus. At the Action Day in Hannover, we are especially looking forward to BIPoC-, (post-)migrant, and Jewish-positioned artists, cultural workers, and activists; cultural politicians and administrators are invited just as cordially. 


1. The event will take place in accessible rooms.

2. Outdoor access is not barrier-free (4 steps), a ramp can be provided after registration.

3. Toilets are not barrier-free.

4. The event will be held in German and English spoken language and will be translated into German and English spoken language.

5. An awareness team will be on-site to accompany the event.

We are constantly working on developing and improving accessibility to our events. For further needs and feedback, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by answering machine: 030 20235291

The Program

10:00 – 12:30 UN Meet: Community Brunch (A space for BIPoC, (post-)migrant, and Jewish perspectives*)

We cordially invite you together with our Community Outreachers to our UN Meet – BIPoC Community Network Brunch. Gatherings of this kind offer us the opportunity to strengthen our BIPoC communities, make new contacts and deepen existing ones. It’s important to us that you feel good and comfy, so food, drinks and refreshments will be provided. If you are e.g. fasting and don’t want to eat, we will also offer networking spaces with yoga. Hope to see you there!

Introducing themselves:

Postmig Writers’ Collective is a collective of writers – a safe space for BIPoC, (post-)migrants and Jewish people in Hannover. 

Lorenzo Pignataro is a dance coach, choreographer and director.

12:30 – 13:30 Guided tour by “Unter einem Dach gUG” (A space for BIPoC, (post-)migrant, and Jewish perspectives*)

13:30 – 16:45 UN Roundtable – how do I write applications? (A space for BIPoC, (post-)migrant, and Jewish perspectives*)

In this UN Roundtable, tips and tricks will be shown on how artists inside arts and cultural associations can write successful applications in the arts and cultural scene.  

From identifying suitable funding opportunities to the formal drafting of the application – this workshop will teach you how to get support for your projects and ideas. This workshop is intended for all BIPoC-, (post-)migrant, and Jewish-positioned artists, arts and cultural associations and art enthusiasts who want to improve their funding opportunities and make their applications more successful.

The workshop will be led by Hêja Netirk. Hêja is a musician, performer, and artist from Hamburg and has been working with the German funding landscape for years. The workshop will be held in German and English. 

13:30 – 15:00 UNacademy: Entering Culture (Everybody is welcome!)

In the first UNacademy of the day, we will enter in an open and honest discussion about structural racism and processes of diversity in cultural institutions. BIPoC art experts and practitioners will share their personal experiences and the challenges they have faced in the context of racism and diversity within the arts and cultural world.

This format provides an opportunity to learn about current developments and practices for greater diversity and inclusion in the art world. There will also be room to collaboratively discuss solutions and ways to increase equitable access to arts and cultural institutions.

This event is for all art enthusiasts, artists and cultural practitioners as well as cultural policymakers and administrators. 

with Leyla Ercan (Staatstheater Hannover), Dr. Ferdaouss Adda (Independent Diversity Consultant), Dr. Yumin Ao (University of Göttingen)

Moderation: Victor Gyamfi

15:15 -16:45 UNacademy: New Institutions!? (Everybody is welcome!)

At the second UNacademy, we will have moderated table discussions that will focus on contradictions and challenges between activism and art. What do we need to unlearn or even renegotiate in order to establish a more just and equitable art world?

At four tables, artists, cultural practitioners and activists will be ready to share their perspectives and insights.

We warmly invite all art and culture enthusiasts, (cultural) politicians, administrators, as well as people interested in social responsibility and engagement to this event. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be enriched by inspiring debates and to directly participate in discussions so that we can develop concrete action strategies for transformation processes in the arts and cultural sector together.

Table 1: Between Realpolitik and Political Activism – What is Solidarity Action?

with Iyabo Kaczmarek  

Table 2: Grants and Juries: ‘How to Decide?’ 

with Parisa Hussein-Nejad 

Table 3: New Forms of Culture? – How Do We Want to Shape Work?

with United Networks gUG

Table 4: Open Space – Free selection of topics by the participants

17:00 – 19:00 Get together with DJ ARON (Everybody is welcome!)

Mingle, mingle, mingle.

Poster designed by Tini

The event is finished.


Mar 25 2023


10:00 AM - 7:00 PM