UN Meet MSG&Friends

🎤 Amplifying the voices of Women* Life Freedom Collective (@womanlifefreedomcollective) at our UN Meet in Berlin at Das Gift (@dasgiftberlin).

💖 Thank you for hosting this event, MSG & Friends (@msgandfriends) 💞

✨ Thanks to a powerful performance by Dornika (@manyfacedgodx) and talk with Ozi Ozar (@ozi_ozar) moderated by Marque Pham (@marque_lin), the night was full of joyful energy and motivation for resilience ✨

The transnational Women* Life Freedom Collective is a Berlin-based polyphonous group of feminists, independent citizens, and civil activists working to address and abolish racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, and gender-based oppressions, class discriminations, many years of crimes and corruption, and environmental looting that the Islamic Republic has inflicted on the people.

If you want to support the Women* Life Freedom Collective (@womanlifefreedomcollective), they need resources! Resources can be in the form of finances, physical support at demos and so much more.

📣 Jin* Jîyan Azadî !

The event is finished.


Nov 27 2022


6:00 PM - 11:55 PM