🎤 At @fluctoplasma, we are excited to discuss the intersections of power & privilege.

✨ If we are to address the impacts of Eurocentricity with concrete actions, we must begin to develop a consciousness of power & privilege criticality. ✨

When power is unevenly distributed through active marginalization of different social, ethnic, cultural groups, and other social constructs, this often leads to the erasure of rich and valuable BIPoC perspectives in arts and culture. We have to begin bringing these patterns & systems to light.

🧡 We want to share our hopes and dreams, but also how we can implement and develop a culture of power- and privilege criticality. Winter is coming & we are laying a foundation for greater community building in 2023. Together we can set new standards, norms for equitable practices & methods in arts and culture!

This is a public event – we want and need allies there!
👋 See you in Hamburg!

The event is finished.


Oct 29 2022


All Day